What's your style?

  • I like to hang low while still having a presence that creates a comfortable and natural feel to the day- to me this creates a collection of natural photographs. It's most important for you to look back on your day and feel as if you were reliving the moment. My photos are mainly edited with a vintage and bright, southern charm feel as well as vintage feel with richer colors


Should I get an album?

  • While getting a photo album is optional, it’s something I strongly stress. You’re given all digital copies for your convenience of personal use and sharing, but having a hardback book of your day from start to finish is something truly special. To me, it's the best documentation of the beginning of your love story. 


Is it all candid shots?

  • No. I do want your photo collection to be filled with documentary shots, but I believe having posed shots are important as well. Posed pictures offer better framing and showcasing of individuals- whether it’s the bridal party or you and your significant other after the ceremony, these are usually the photos that end up in frames. 


How long before we get to see out photographs?

  • I get super anxious and start the editing process as soon as I get home. However, I take time and pride into the editing process to make sure your photos are more than you could imagine. Within 2-3 weeks I will have an outline of how your photos will look. After, I will hold a consultation with you and your spouse to preview the photos and go over the printing and photo album options. Once that’s completed and I have your feedback, I will continue the editing process and your photos will be put on a USB and online gallery.  


How do I get my images?

  • Your photos will be delivered via an online gallery and a personal USB.  Your online site will give the opportunity to share your photos as well as save them to your computer. This gives you the freedom to order prints from me or a third party at your convenience. If you do print with me, your prints and/or photo album will be delivered to you.


Is printing available?

  • Of course! Prints in various sizes and formats including, metal prints, canvas gallery wrapped, bamboo, hardback photo albums, and thank you cards will be available for purchase.


Are there limits on how far your travel?

  • Nope, there are no limits. I want your day to be amazing and documented amazingly- so I will be there for you. The only thing is, if the location of the wedding is more than 80 miles outside of Raleigh, there is a $1.00 charge for each additional mile driven. Please contact me for more information on out of state weddings.