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Getting Ready for Senior Portraits

It is finally March and nearly spring! Spring time in North Carolina is what I dream for, minus the pollen. Once everything is in bloom, portrait sessions begin!

March and April are my busiest months for college senior sessions. I wanted to give you some tips beauty preparation and makeup tips for your session! It's so important to go into your shoot feeling and looking your best. So, leading up to the shoot, why not pamper yourself? You do not have to break the bank to do think, but hey don't stop me from treating yo self!

- Prep -

Exfoliate all over. You'll want to exfoliate from head to toe. Do be considerate with abrasion. While you should exfoliate a couple times before your shoot, try to space it out. Exfoliating it to renew your skin and remove impurities. For my body, I use Burt's Bees cranberry and pomegranate scrub. It is the BEST scrub I have ever used. My skin is left soft to the touch for the entire day. For my face, I use Stemulation Micro Derm. Stemulation is actually made to be used on your face and body!

Dry out your bumps, do not pick them. Pick up a nice cleansing mud mask that will cleanse, brighten and soften your skin. Mud masks detoxify and exfoliate your skin without the abrasion. I recommend Formula 10.0.6 masks. Their products smell good, are inexpensive and leave your skin feeling great!

Brighten your teeth. This may seem extra to some but it's not that bad to consider. Think about changing your toothpaste and mouth wash selection to one that is known to whiten teeth. I drink a ton of coffee and tea and am somehow always complimented on the whiteness of my teeth- I used Crest's 3D White toothpaste. For best results pair your new tooth paste with Crest's Whitestrips. If you're in the Triangle are, Kildaire Family Dental offers free whitening trays each checkup for free!

Get your brows done. Now I personally too frugal to get my brows done, I instead pluck them myself. If you're comfortable with that, cool! If not, go see your lady or do some good Yelp research on the perfect place near you to go. I use NYX's automatic brow pencil in charcoal to fill in my brows and I learned how to properly them in by ItsMyRayeRaye.

Hydrate. As soon as your shoot is booked you should being hydrating. Since we're going from winter to spring, out skin is probably not in the best shape from the cold weather. When skin is hydrated, it looks more plump and becomes for supple. Your body will also feel great with more water intake by getting rid of toxins. Also, try adding a hydrating moisturizer to your routine. There are a ton of hydrating moisturizer and your favorite brand probably makes one!

Dry skin. If your face experience dry skin, in addition to exfoliating and soothing mud masks, I can't recommend Yes To's coconut ultra-hydrating cleanser enough! Their coconut cleanser is about a billion products in one. It's a makeup remover, face wash and moisturizer. Okay maybe not a billion, but it sure feels that way. I know it's in the name, but it is indeed unlit hydrating! During the winter my skin gets very dry, but I started using this every night and didn't experience any dry patches. Five stars from me!

Get a manicure. Whether you go to the salon or do your nails yourself, do not skip this step! Your chipped nails or dirt underneath your fingertips will be picked up by the camera. Book your manicure or do your nails the day before or the day of if time permits. Think about the outfit you've planned wearing and match your nails accordingly. You already know what's next...keep your hands moisturized!!

Shave, wax, or laser. Shaving can be done the day of the shoot. Waxing may take some prep. And laser is typically a routine scheduled much in advance. Ladies that grow noticeable facial hair may want to consider waxing so your skin is more balanced for the photographs. For laser and waxing, please give yourself a few days to heal.



- Makeup -

I will always, always recommend getting your makeup professionally done before any shoot. In my opinion it completely transforms the photos. I work with local makeup artist, Kimberly Arnold. She has a talent for enhancing one's natural beauty. Her style is simple and fresh, yet totally glamourous. In case getting your makeup done professionally was not the route you wanted to go, I asked Kimberly for tips and tricks you can do at home!

Opt for no sunscreen. Using a foundation with no sunscreen will keep you from getting washed out. Consider Bobbi Brown's Foundation Stick.

Don't be shy with the blush. The first thing that fades in photos is blush, so don't be afraid to get heavy handed. It may be more blush than you're used to wearing every day, but you want that blush to liven up your cheeks in photos. Otherwise, skipping out on the blush could make you appear lifeless. Use tones that will compliment your skin color and your makeup look. For warmer skin tones, try a coral or peach blush. For cooler skin tones, stick to traditional pink shades. Kim's favorite blush is by NARS.

Consider false lashes. Go big or go home! If you want to make the most out of your images, you may want to think about using fake lashes. While not necessary, they give your lashes that extra oomph and will make your eyes look bigger in photos. Even using more natural or wispy falsies will make a huge difference! Prices range from $1-30, but Kim says to check out Ardell False Lashes. They're affordable and great quality.

Prime and set. The key to having your makeup look flawless and last all day is to use a face primer and a setting spray. The primer extends the wear of your favorite foundation and some are even anti-aging, brightening, hydrating, and mattifying. Using a setting spray will lock in your look and extend the wear of your makeup. These are a huge must if you are taking photos outside in the sun! Kim recommends Urban Decay for this. Check out Urban's primers and setting spray.


Have any beauty questions or concerns? Comment below, or feel free to reach out to me or Kimberly directly! Thanks for reading!

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