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Shooting a Surprise Engagement

This past weekend I shot my first surprise engagement session and like every other session, it was a learning experience!

I had shot the bride-to-be college grad photos this year, which is how her fiancé found me. He picked a spot they'd been to a couple times before after going on dates in Downtown Raleigh. The day before we met at Fred Fletcher Park to find the best location. Really, any spot at this park would work because everything was so green and manicured! We found the perfect spot and the perfect tree for me to hide in with a 70-200mm lens.

I arrived at the park about 15 minutes before the time he thought they'd be there. When I pulled up to the parking lot, every spot was taken! It made me a little anxious because I knew I had to be in position before they got there to keep my cover. After finally finding a spot I walked into the park to see the location we picked was currently being used for a wedding reception!! I frantically began sending pictures and texts to the fiancé so he'd now know where to go.

The way he was to walk in from the parking lot to the new location, I would be totally covered by shrubbery. However, something told me to just hop into the shrubbery instead. Thank God I did because when he got to the park he had no idea where to go! They walked past me twice while I was inside of the tree! Inside my head I was FREAKING out- every profanity was shouted internally! By this time he texted me asking where to go. I told him to refer to the first photo I sent. They made their way there and I crawled out from under the tree and got the shot! It was so lovely. I even started crying, but what's new??

Moral of the story? Establish a backup location within the designated area because you never know!

Takeaway from the story? Romance is alive and don't you settle for anything less!

Congratulations Maggey & Jeffrey!

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