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Oh, Baby! Gender Reveal (Gallery)

If you're anywhere online (which I know you are because you're reading this here) then you've definitely seen the gender reveal trend! If you're unfamiliar with this, the couple has their doctor write down the sex of their unborn baby. Without looking, they then give the paper to a friend or family member who can set up the reveal to be done in front of their closest loved ones. It's a complete surprise for the couple and everyone there. Reveals can be done with balloons, cakes, or confetti.

This February I had the privilege of shooting my very first one! Jazmine and Donta's reveal was filled with their friends and family actually included balloons, confetti, and pull-string boxes!

The reveal began with a giant black balloon. Donta goes to pop it, and to his and Jazmine's surprise, there was absolutely nothing in the balloon. The two of their faces went from anticipated excitement to udder disbelief- and I don't blame them! But I've got to admit it was pretty funny seeing their responses.

The actual reveal was their backdrop of white and silver boxes. There were four boxes and they were told one box was filled with either pink or blue and the other three were filled with white. They got to pick the order they wanted to open them in. Of course, the first three they pulled were full of white confetti! Before I tell you, what do you think the lovely couple is having?

IT'S A GIRL!!! Did you guess right? I want to say thank you again to both families for allowing me to capture this special moment. I also want to congratulate Jazmine and Donta on creating a whole person! This baby girl will be saying hi to world on July, 2nd! We'll actually be sharing a birthday!

Did you like the treats you saw in this post? Well you're in luck because Jazmine is not only an expecting mother, but the owner of Jazina's Creations!

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