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I Changed My Name To "Preference"

Hailey's 2019 Vision Board

Last week I stayed after hours at work for a night of vision boarding. If your unfamiliar, vision boarding in the new year is to help you 1) realize where you are 2) figure out where you want to go 3) manifest it to happening. Sounds like a cute evening with the gals, right? Girl was this actually a powerful, emotional, and vulnerable few hours.

The night began with lite meditation to help sort out the thing you want to work on for the year that leads you to where you want to go or to what it is you want. Whatever word sticks out to you becomes your name for the year. Hi, I'm Preference.

My 2019 vision (pictured) is filled with calming blue, which was unintentional. Travel. Money vibes. "Positive." The finishing of projects. Photography. Creative outlets going to use. Taking time for myself. Getting over the idea of perfection. All with me having preference.

My idea of having preference comes from Herman Melville's "Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street." In my overly simplified SparkNotes version, Bartleby does his job at work and only his job. If someone were to ask him to complete a task, big or small, that is outside of his role, he would simply reply, “I would prefer not to.” This drove anyone i n s a n e. Could you imagine having preference in all that you do? Long week and a friend asks to hang out last minute? I would prefer not to. To me, this isn't a tool to get out of things you'd rather not be doing, but a method to take MYSELF into consideration in everything I do. It's harder than you think. I've been at this practice since November of 2017 and it has transformed me. I feel stronger. I am more likely to stand up myself and to voice my thoughts and ideas. One of my favorite things that has come from it has been my growing level of transparency. My level of anxiety even went down.

“Nothing so aggravates an earnest person as a passive resistance."

This year I am manifesting more creative streams of revenue, accepting words of affirmation and kindness, take more time to nurture my relationships, and understand kindness is the only thing I should start with. I am open to friendships and love this year. I would really like to become a better sister and daughter.

Cheers and happy new year.


Hailey SP

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