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Live from the Living Room (Gallery)

Last month my friend and brilliant writer, Ryann Werner, invited me to her place for her roommate's comedy anniversary. Very LA? Yes. The most perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon? Absolutely. Her roommate, Mary Elaine, hosted the event. She is absolutely hilarious (and also give great post-comedy show dating advice) and is seen below giving her set with her notebook in hand.

All comics impressed and deserve the world if you ask me. Take a look at the moments we shared.

Comedians Showcased:

Mary Elaine Ramsey - @maryelaineramsey

Liz Glazer - @lizglazer

Kellen Schneider - @kellenschneider, @captainkalvis

Jake Adams - @jakemadamns3

Rick Cisario - @kidnameddick

Bri Lerose - @brilerose

Jane Johnsen - @janejohnsen_

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